Posted by: labrezatower | June 23, 2010

Avail Now of our 15% PayLite Promo (Until July 2010 Only)

Valid until July 2010 only….

Wanting to live in a very accessible location yet far from the hustle and bustle or far from the stress of metro living?

Wanting to have your own private place which is literally exclusively and privately yours?

Don’t be dragged by misleading ads by other condo developments with very low monthly rates but long term concerns. Do you really want to live in a condo with 3 to 5 towers and over a thousand residents and unit owners stuck in a small complex? You pay a lil bit lesser but what about your security? your privacy? the value appreciation of your investment?

Think long term. Condo investment is no joke and you should be thinking 5 to 10 or even 50 years from now.

La Breza Tower is planned and developed to be a private and exclusive residential address. It is secured, it is not crowded, it is highend and classy yet affordable enough with friendly payment options. It is also a hotel thus it will be well maintained and managed.

We have few units left and you may get a piece of investment through taking advantage of our 15% Paylite Promo:



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